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KAT1E (Kent Adult Type 1 Education) is a local QISMET accredited education programme for patients living with type 1 diabetes. KAT1E is a four-day course, held for one day a week over four weeks. It is held in different places across east Kent.

The session covers:

  • Living with diabetes: Injection technique, all about insulins, blood glucose and ketone monitoring.
  • Carbohydrate counting: Learn how to estimate the carbohydrate content of your meals and snacks.
  • Adjusting insulin doses: Learn how to adjust your insulin with your meals, for physical activity and during illness.
  • Hypoglycaemia: Recommended treatment and driving guidelines.
  • Long-term health: How to develop effective relationships with healthcare professionals.
  • Social aspects: Pregnancy, travel and driving.
  • Your questions and answers.

DERIK (Diabetes Education and Revision in Kent) is the structured education programme that has been designed for patients with type 2 diabetes.

This is a four hour QISMET accredited session which covers:

  • What is diabetes? Including treatment choices.
  • Healthy eating: Making good food choices.
  • Looking after your feet
  • Long term complications: how to reduce the risk of developing complications.
  • Activity: Why is it important?
  • Setting goals: Do you want to make changes regarding your health?
  • Your questions and answers.

This is offered at venues across Kent (excluding north Kent).


- We offer DAFNE Type 1 education as a face to face 5 day course and DESMOND Type 2 education as a face to face 1 day course

- When able to offer face to face we intend to offer for DAFNE – 8 people per course/6 courses per year

- When able to offer face to face we intend to offer for DESMOND – 10 people per course/41 courses per year

At the current time (Covid-19) there is no DAFNE provision.

We are currently offering online access to MyDESMOND to enable Type 2 patients to access the information they need. DESMOND have informed us that this will count as having attended a course. For those who do not have online access we are sending out a variety of information sheets and offering patients the opportunity to speak to a dietitian, these patients will remain on the waiting list for face to face education.

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells

We hold three types of courses. One is a 5 day course Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00, One is a 5 days course for patient on PUMP therapy 9.00 to 5.00 and one is called 5 x 1 course which is 5 consecutive Mondays for 5 weeks 9.00 to 5.00.

All DAFNE data and courses are recorded on the DAFNE database which is found at​.

At Abbey Court we generally run 6 courses per year with approx 8 patients per course (maximum of 10 patients). Maidstone is the same but often only 3-4 courses is required. They can only hold a maximum of 8 per course.

Obviously this is currently subject to change due to COVID.

Virgin Care

We provide Xpert education - 6 sessions per course, providing approximately 12 courses per year. We provide morning, evening and afternoon sessions, at Sheppey hospital and at Sittingbourne Memorial hospital.